Grupo Camacho

Welcome to the Final English Test!

It is important that you have the following considerations before taking the test.

A- The system evaluates ALL the COMPLETE sentence, therefore the answer is correct or incorrect.
B- Each correct answer has a value of half a point. The final grade will be the total of points divided by 2.
C- You have 2 hours to take this exam and it has a value of 75%.
D- The Listening-speaking part has to be scheduled in advance and it has a value of 25%

Read the instructions carefully before performing the test.

1-Do not use contractions (won’t, isn’t, etc), use the full form (will not, is not, etc).
2-Do not use the symbol of the numbers ( 3, 10, etc), use the name (three, ten, etc).
3-Do not type double blank space between words or a period at the end of the sentence.
4-Type the comma (,) in the indicated place in the sentence.
5-In questions, you have yo write que question mark (?)

Up to 130 points- Level Basic Beginner

Up to 140 points- Level Basic A1

Up to 150 points- Level Basic A2

Up to 160 points- Level Intermedia B1

Up to 180 points- Level Intermedia B2

Up to 190 points- Level Advance C1

Up to 200 points- Level Advance C2